The Connected Health Interoperability Platform (CHIP) is a joint venture between the University of California San Francisco’s UCSF Health and networking giant Cisco. The software platform was created to help institutions, providers, app developers, and patients turn overwhelming amounts of health data into a tool that empowers them to dramatically improve the healthcare experience.

We worked with Freach Design to develop and document a comprehensive message architecture that establishes clear and convincing public-facing language for describing the benefits of the platform to each of its target audiences.

The Messaging Document

Establishing a Vision

The detailed message architecture document we created provides the building blocks for high-level content in places like the CHIP website, presentations, and introductory promotions. And, by establishing a tone and defining the interest of CHIP’s key audiences, it will also guide the creation of additional content in the future.

The messaging and supporting rationale included in the document help to clarify the platform’s unique qualities, advantages, and capabilities, and ensure that all future communications reflect the key themes of the platform’s brand position.

Applying the messaging to a new website

Built around the platform’s promise to Unlock the Power of Health Data, the launch website uses the new messaging to highlight CHIP’s benefits to delivery systems, providers, app developers, and patients. It’s a complex offering that aims to solve a daunting challenge, so the high-level messages focus on benefits first, revealing the details after establishing the platform’s potential to revolutionize healthcare.

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