We created a comprehensive message architecture for RedLeaf Properties’ redevelopment of Highland Mall, with an emphasis on connecting the project to its role in Austin’s history and its potential benefits for Central Texas.

Positioning Line

Austin’s next great neighborhood.

The primary positioning line for the project, Austin’s next great neighborhood, simultaneously emphasizes both the project’s enormous scale and its focus on serving as a place that benefits a wide range of Central Texans.

It also highlights the project’s diverse assortment of uses, which include housing, retail, offices, and higher education.

Conveying the vision

We worked alongside the team at Asterisk to adapt and extend the new messaging for use in a vision book and website that detail the short- and long-terms plans for Highland.

Because of the high level of public involvement in the project and its diverse collection of stakeholders, the vision book and website emphasize the project’s community benefits. This includes highlighting how it will enhance adjoining neighborhoods, protect the environment, and honor the site’s history.

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