Based in the Los Angeles-area community of Montebello, Camino Federal Credit Union has been serving the people of Southern California since 1941. Amid a significant upgrade to their service offerings and technology, they recognized the need to revamp their brand and messaging to better tell the Camino story to a new generation of potential members.

As part of a team led by Legacy79, we defined and documented a new Camino brand position and created a comprehensive system of messaging that establishes the institution’s unique strengths and clearly conveys its values, history, and vision.

Positioning Line

Banking Powered by Here

The new primary positioning line for Camino, Banking Powered by Here, reinforces the idea that Camino is a trusted local institution that is committed to the community and the best interests of its members.

It is literally here in the community, with personalized service and local decision-making that members wouldn’t get from a strictly online financial institution. This message also complements the established benefits of banking with a credit union, where member ownership means better rates, lower fees, and money that stays in the community.

Making a powerful statement by reimagining the meaning of “here”

At the same time, our messaging for Camino introduces a second interpretation of here. The power of here is also the ability to bank from anywhere. The messaging makes the case that with Camino’s new technology-enabled banking, here can be wherever the member is. Whether that is in Montebello, across town, or on the other side of the world.

Legacy79’s new visual identity for Camino supports this idea with a clean, fresh look that suggests technology and innovation while still conveying stability, trustworthiness, and support for the community. We also recommended that the institution drop Federal Credit Union from their primary logotype, creating a punchier presentation that is more in line with their online competitors.

Defining the audience with detailed personas

At the project’s onset, we worked with Camino executives to create a set of detailed personas describing a range of potential member types. The process included a deep dive into the demographics of their audience using data from Experian Mosaic USA. This research enabled us to build highly detailed profiles for each persona, including information about lifestyle factors, technology usage, financial goals, and banking needs.

We used these personas in the development and evaluation of the messaging, and Camino will continue to use them in the future for strategic planning, product development, and the creation of marketing or advertising campaigns.

Relaunching the brand

For a Legacy79-produced video unveiling the new brand position and graphic identity, we created a script that tells the story of the new Camino and builds excitement for the future of the institution among members and employees.

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