As part of team led by Asterisk, Content & Context created a new name, brand strategy, and messaging guidelines for a residential real estate group with an expanding presence in Austin and Denver. The group was looking for a verbal and visual identity that effectively conveyed their unique belief in the power of a home to serve as a platform for a rewarding life and their desire to help their clients, team members, and partners thrive.

The Name

After multiple discovery sessions and workshops with the client team (and many rounds of preliminary naming approaches) we arrived at a name that perfectly captures the essence of their organization. Heyday reflects the team's mission of helping clients successfully navigate the real estate market and their desire to bring joy to everyone they work with.

By suggesting a time of great success or popularity, Heyday perfectly conveys their vision of the home as a place to realize a fulfilling and joyous life.

Positioning Line

Find Room to Shine

The positioning line Find Room to Shine has multiple levels of meaning, all of which are positive and relevant to Heyday’s brand position. It suggests the idea of finding literal room – as in a great home – and also finding figurative room in peace of mind that allows families to thrive.

Importantly, Find Room to Shine also reflects Heyday’s promise to its team members, suggesting that the company gives them a place to do their best work.

Positioning Story

Our positioning story for Heyday describes what they do, conveys how and why they do it, and introduces the benefit to their primary audience. All while establishing them as the guide and portraying the client as the true hero of story.

Heyday delivers the expertise and one-on-one guidance you need to skillfully navigate the homebuying or selling experience. With specialized market knowledge and unmatched connections, we help you make the real estate moves that set the stage for a joyous and fulfilling future. Get ready for a new way to way to think about real estate. Get ready for your Heyday.

Brand Strategy and Messaging Document

We detailed Heyday’s new brand strategy and verbal identity in brand and messaging guidelines that work alongside Asterisk’s visual identity guidelines to create a comprehensive framework for the Heyday brand.

The guidelines identify Heyday’s key audiences, establish the group’s unique strengths, and document language conveying the company’s mission, vision, and offering in various levels of detail for both external and internal audiences. The brand strategy and messaging were used to guide the development of the new visual identity and launch the brand into the market, and will serve as a guide for creating other communication tools in the future.

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