Welcome to the age of generative AI, where anyone with an Internet connection can crank out thousands of words of believable – at first glance, anyway – content in just seconds.

If you’re a marketer, the other content out there doesn’t have to be good to be a problem. It just has to flood every social media feed, every blog, and every email inbox with digital noise. And that’s already happening. We’re in the early stages of an age of unprecedented information overproduction. As we’ve all seen, quantity doesn’t mean quality, and it feels like we’re all trapped in a landfill of digital garbage content.

You’ve already seen it. The pseudo-inspiration that clogs your LinkedIn feed, the avalanche of generic blog posts (not this one, I hope) parroting the same worn-out tips, the near-identical email newsletters that fill your spam folder.

So, what’s the solution? In this sea of noise, your first instinct might be to shout louder. To generate more content, post more frequently, send more emails. But without finding a way to stand out, all you’re doing is adding to the din.

Fortunately, generative AI has limitations. It’s great at rehashing what’s been said before, sometimes even in interesting ways. But it doesn’t know what you know, or understand your customers or clients as well as you do, or have the ability to apply your point of view to new problems.

That creates opportunities to share your message in a way that resonates and cuts through the noise.

Harness Your Unique Expertise

Your message is more compelling when you share what you know, what you’re good at, and what you offer that no one else can. ChatGPT can spit out thousands of articles on a topic, but it can’t replicate your years of experience, your in-depth understanding, or your hard-earned knowledge. Lean into this. Make expertise a hallmark of your brand and let it inform your content.

Stand Firm on Your Values

Everyone talks about having a brand driven by values these days, but how many are really living up to that ideal? If you want your brand to stand out, it needs to go deeper than a logo and a catchy tagline. Everything you do needs to embody values that resonate with your audience.

This isn’t just about checking the corporate social responsibility box. It’s about deciding what truly matters to your organization and ensuring that every piece of content you produce reflects that. In the AI era, authentic values aren’t isn’t just desirable. They’re non-negotiable.

Embrace a Distinctive Point of View

Brands and content with personality are more important than ever. A unique viewpoint adds color and depth to your content, making it engaging and valuable. Whether it’s a fresh take on industry trends, a controversial stance, or a personal anecdote, your distinctive point of view makes your content truly yours. So say something different. Or stand for something you believe in. Add a dose of humanity that makes people stop scrolling and pay attention.

In an age where artificial intelligence is turning marketing communications and content production upside down, a volume-based content approach isn’t going to cut it anymore. “Content” needs to be backed with something far more robust – a strong, trusted brand. And this isn’t about slapping a bigger logo onto everything. It’s about consistently communicating who you are, what you stand for, and why anyone should care. It’s about earning trust, respect, and recognition in a world where talk is becoming cheaper every day.

In the AI era, more than ever, your brand should be your guiding light. It’s the difference between being heard and being part of the noise. So if you want your content to stand out, don’t just focus on creating more. Focus on being more. More authentic, more distinctive, more meaningful.

In a world where talk is cheap, your brand matters more than ever. Make it count.