Working as part of a team led by our long-time friends and collaborators at Asterisk, Content & Context created a new brand position and message architecture for Endeavor Real Estate Group, Austin’s largest full-service commercial real estate company.

Positioning Statement

At Endeavor, we’ve built our continued success on a simple formula. Approach every relationship with integrity, and treat every project like it’s in our own backyard.

With this formula, we’ve grown steadily since 1999, through some of history’s most turbulent market conditions. It’s the foundation for projects that are built to last, and for a company dedicated to the needs of property owners, investors, tenants, and the community. It’s doing the right thing, for the right reasons. It’s our Endeavor.

Capturing the firm’s values and history

We participated in multiple work sessions with the firm’s ownership team and department leaders to develop a deep understanding of the organization’s history, values, and unique strengths.

We then used this understanding to create a message architecture that effective captures and conveys Endeavor’s unwavering dedication to the needs of property owners, tenants, investors, and the community.

Adding new layers of meaning to a storied name

With the new It’s our Endeavor positioning line, we brought new layers of significance to Endeavor’s well-known and highly respected name. On one level, it ties the name directly to the organization’s pursuit of excellence in everything it does, which is supported by additional components of the messaging.

It also reinforces the idea of Endeavor’s staff as upholders of the organization’s values, which is particularly relevant as as the firm nurtures a new generation of leaders.

Extending the new messaging across a revamped website

The new Endeavor website unveiled the It’s our Endeavor positioning language and backed it up with specific examples of the firm living up to its values. We created original content to reflect the new messaging and also updated language that was carried over from the previous site to bring it line with the new brand positioning and tone of voice.

An ongoing relationship

Since completing the development of the new corporate messaging and website, we have worked with Endeavor on messaging for numerous individual projects across the U.S., as well as assisting Endeavor’s leadership and marketing teams on the completion of proposals for multi-billion-dollar development opportunities.

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